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We have assembled a group of trading newsletters to help you if you're looking for trade alerts and recommendations. We've looked for newsletters that offer free or deeply discounted trial periods, as well as money back guarantees. That way, you have minimal risk by testing their recommendations. We would like to point out that no matter how good a particular service may be, none are perfect. Therefore, we always recommend that you do your own due diligence before taking any recommendations from any of these newsletters. Blindly following any advisory service is unlikely to yield the results you desire.

Trading Newsletters

Action Alerts PLUS

This is the newsletter from Jim Cramer's If you follow Jim on his CNBC Mad Money show, this is an opportunity to get his recommendations and trading ideas that he doesn't share on the show. With this newsletter, every time Jim buys or sells a stock in his charitable trust, you will receive an email ahead of time! This is the best overall trading newsletter we've seen.

Cramer is currently offer a free 2 week subscription to the newsletter, so you can try it before you buy it. If you decide you want to subscribe (and you will) you can order a monthly subscription at $59.95/mo, or you can enjoy a huge savings by subscribing for a year at only $299.95. To sign up for a free 2-week subscription to Action Alerts Plus, click here.

Stock Barometer

stock barometer

Stock Barometer offers 15 different newsletters, each geared towards a certain investment vehicle, or trading style. Their newsletters cover stock trading, ETFs, options, e-mini trading, QQQQ trading, futures options, and penny stocks. They also cover many different trading strategies, such as covered calls, day trading, volume break-outs, and momentum trading

Stock Barometer offers trial subscriptions on most of their newsletters. The trial subscriptions aren't free, but they are only $4.95 for 4 weeks. The one month trial period is more than adequate to see for yourself if the regular subscription price is worth it. To sign up for a trial subscription to any of the Stock Barometer newsletters, click on the following link: Stock Barometer

Zacks Premium Advantage


Premium Advantage is published by Zacks Investment Research, which has been providing research services to professional traders and brokerage houses for decades. Now they're offering their Premium Advantage service to the general public. The Zacks #1 Rank Strong Buys have a track record of 28% average annual returns for the last 20 years. That is more than triple the average annual returns of the S&P 500 over the same time frame. In addition to the buy recommendations, they also provide a regularly updated list of the top 5 stocks to sell, as well as industry research.

Zacks is offering a 30-day free trial subscription. If you like it and want to continue (which we believe you will) the annual cost is only $199. Paying $199 a year for a stock recommendations that have outperformed the market by such a huge margin is a no-brainer. To sign up for a free 30-day trial subscription to Premium Advantage, click on the following link: Beat the Stock Market with Zacks Premium

ETF Opportunity Flash

ETF Newsletter

We all know that when a market flashes a high-probability trade set-up, it's an amazing sight, and to capitalize, you need to act fast. But, first, how do you find time to sift through reams of analysis and hundreds of charts – every day – to locate only those markets approaching a decisive juncture? And, second, how do you formulate your trading strategy so that you're positioned to take advantage of the move, yet protected if the market goes against you?

Elliott Wave International is now providing an ETF recommendation service that will allow you to get a Flash Opportunity Alert sent directly to you the moment an opportunity arises. To learn more about this fantastic service from Elliott Wave International, click on the following link: ETF Opportunity Flash