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Below are individual articles regarding online trading. We've added a brief introduction to each article to help you find what you're looking for. We believe you'll find a tremendous amount of useful information and trading insights contained in these articles. Bookmark this page and check back often because we are constantly adding new material.

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Online Trading Articles

Credit Card Stocks: Are Discover & AmEx Being Overlooked? - When it comes to credit card payment networks, there are four major players; Visa (V), MasterCard (MA), American Express (AXP), and Discover (DFS). Ever since their IPOs a few years ago, the first two have been Wall Street darlings – and for good reason – considering that over the past 36 months, Visa has enjoyed a 120% gain and MasterCard, 150%. The smaller guys – AmEx and Discover – have also experienced triple-digit gains since the lows of the recession. However, they presently sit at around the same prices they were at 5 years ago. Are they being given the credit (no pun intended) that they deserve? To read the article, click the following link: Credit Card Stocks

Investing vs. Paying Credit Cards: Are You Making The Wrong Choice? - Up until about thirty years ago, credit card companies were restricted in how much interest they could charge customers. Why? Because most states had usury laws which capped the APR. In fact, during the 70’s while inflation was out of control, many banks were actually losing money on credit card debt because the rate of inflation was greater than what they could charge. So back then, one could easily justify investing vs. paying down debt. To read the article, click the following link: Investing vs Paying Debt

The Best Options to Invest Your Cash When Interest Rates Are Low - Interest rates never seem to be able to get it right - they're too high, they're too low, they're too stagnant, they're too volatile...what's a rate supposed to do? Chances are the interest rates are going to continue to do what they always do, and that's adjust to the local and international markets and economic events. Therefore, all you can do is know the right thing to do with your money in any given interest rate mood. To read the article, click the following link: Low Interest Rates

Bank of America to Profit from SC New Tax Refund Prepaid Debit Cards - If you live in South Carolina and will get a state tax refund, scout your nearest Bank of America branch location. You may need it. Your state income tax refund might be issued to you via a Bank of America debit card whose balance equals your state refund amount. Your state refund will automatically be sent to Bank of America unless you specifically state on your return that you want a check or direct deposit, and it will be sent to a Bank of America branch even if you have no account there. To read the article, click the following link: Bank of America

How To Get Started in the Stock Market - Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newbie, these tips should help understand some trade secrets known only to a few experienced investors. They are known as "trade secrets" and are part of the reason some people succeed and others do not. To read the article, click the following link: Get Started in Stock Market

Better Manage Your Online Trading With Smartphone Apps - Thanks to modern advancements in mobile phone technology, smartphone users can tap into a variety of mobile applications related to business news, industry information and financial market updates. Mobile trading applications have changed the way people think about trading and have empowered and encouraged more individuals to invest in the stock market. To read the article, click the following link: Online Trading Apps

Following the 80% Rule May Not Be Sound Retirement Planning Advice - Many retirement specialists use a rule called the 80% rule when helping clients figure out how much money they'll need to have in order to retire. It may be true - perhaps all you'll need is 75% - 85% of your current income to survive financially in retirement. Unfortunately it also may encourage you to continue to sock away too little money for your retirement. To read the article, click the following link: Retirement Planning Advice

Top 5 Investment Quotes - We have listed five of our favorite investment related quotes. These are quotes from the foremost experts in the world of trading an investing. After each quote, we’ll explain why this agrees with our philosophy towards investing, and how it can benefit you. To read the article, click the following link: Investment Quotes

Online Trading Academy Review - Online Trading Academy is the biggest name in trading education...but are they worth the money? We're often asked if the Online Trading Academy is a good place to learn how to trade for a living, or if it's a scam. We'll answer your questions in this Online Trading Academy review. To read the article, click the following link: Online Trading Academy Reviews

The Case Against Diversification - Talk with an investment advisor, and what's the first piece of advice you will hear? Diversify your portfolio. The case for diversification is repeated so often that it's come to be thought of as an indisputable rule. Hardly anyone makes the case against diversifying your portfolio. But because we believe that too much liquidity has made all markets act similar to one another, we make that case. Heresy? Not at all. Just because investment banks and stock brokerages say you should diversify doesn't make it true. To read the article, click the following link: Portfolio Diversification

Learn How to Trade - Imagine, for a moment, what investing would be like if you knew you could not fail. Never again would you sell a winning position too soon, or hold onto a loser far too long. You'd make decisions based on what you know you should do, rather than what your emotions tell you to do. That may seem like and impossible dream, but it's not. To read the article, click the following link: How to Trade

Why Financial Markets are NOT a Matter of Action and Reaction - In the world of physics, action is followed by reaction. Most financial analysts, economists, historians, sociologists and futurists believe that society works the same way. They typically say, “Because so-and-so has happened, such-and-such will follow.” ... But is it true? To read the article, click the following link: Market Action and Reaction

How to Invest in Foreign CDs - With the historically low interest rates we are currently experiencing in the US, bank issued Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are also at historically low yields. Since 1-year CDs are yielding a dismal 1% here in the US, many investors want to know how they can invest in foreign CDs that have much higher yields. To read the article, click the following link: Foreign CDs

Long-Term Bonds: The Best Possible Investment? Think Again - If there is one bit of conventional wisdom that we hear repeatedly with respect to investing, it is that long-term bonds are the best possible investment [in downturns]. This assertion is wrong. Any bond issued b a borrower who can't pay goes to zero in a depression. Understand that in a [major contraction], no one knows its depth and almost everyone becomes afraid. That makes investors sell bonds of any issuers that they fear could default. Even when people trust the bonds they own, they are sometimes forced to sell them to raise cash to live on. To read the article, click the following link: Long Term Bonds

The Tax Ramifications of Stock Trading - At the end of each year we get a tremendous number of questions regarding the sale of stock and the tax ramifications. Not only do traders want to know what they will owe on April 15th, but they also want to know whether or not they should sell stock for tax purposes. To read the article, click the following link: Stock Tax

How a "Dull" Investment Can Be a Great Investment - How a dull investment like the bond market can be a great investment but can also create great losses. This is an important story for all bond investors. To read the article, click the following link: Bond Market Investment

United STRAITS of America: The Muni Bond Crisis Is Here - The muni bond market is facing a crisis. Here are the latest stats: California, Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey now suffer "Greek-like deficits," alongside draconian budget cuts, job furloughs, suspensions of city services, and the growing "rent-a-cop" trend of firing city workers and then hiring outside contractors to fill those positions. To read the article, click the following link: Muni Bond Market

The Fed and "Plunge Protection Team": Are They Manipulating Stocks? - When markets go up, the Fed seems to be in control; when they go down, it seems out of control. But the control aspect is an illusion. We'll show you that announcements of bailouts, unlimited credit, bans on short sales, etc., were powerless against the biggest stock market collapse in 76 years. The DJIA kept sliding. It didn't stop until March 6, 2009 -- after it had slipped below 6,500. To read the article, click the following link: Plunge Protection

EWI's Newest Service Picks ETFs - Every trader or active investor at times wishes they could pick the brain of a pro that has "pulled the trigger" on real-money trades before. EWI Director of Analysis Wayne Stough is one of these pros. For several years, several times per month, he's been alerting his Flash service subscribers to opportunities in futures markets. And now, there is a new addition to the Flash service line-up: ETF Opportunity Flash. To read the article, click the following link: ETF Newsletter

Scottrade Online Broker Review - Scottrade was founded in 1980 as Scottsdale Securities by Rodger Riney, the current President and CEO. Scottsdale Securities, which was founded in Scottsdale, AZ before moving its headquarters to St. Louis, changed its name to Scottrade in 2000 to reflect the brand image of their online brokerage web site. Since the Internet emerged as a platform for online trading, Scottrade has taken advantage of new technologies to advance the stock trading process for their customers. To read the article, click the following link: Scottrade Review

How Can You Protect Your Portfolio During Deflation? - There are many economists who believe, and for good reason, that the United States is heading towards a serious deflationary period. Obviously, there's no way to know for sure that this will happen, but it definitely makes sense to prepare yourself and be ready to protect you investment portfolio, if it does. To read the article, click the following link: Deflation Investing

7 Ways to Become an Unsuccessful Trader - To be a successful trader demands knowledge. If you'd prefer to become an unsuccessful trader, you can start by making the following common trading mistakes, detailed by a professional who spent 25 years in portfolio management, trading and forecasting in the financial capital of the world, New York City. To read the article, click the following link: Trading Mistakes

ChoiceTrade Online Brokerage Review - ChoiceTrade has been an online brokerage firm since 2000. Its management team includes individuals with extensive experience in the securities industry. As an advanced-technology securities brokerage firm, they cater to active, self-directed traders. They are committed to making available the most state-of-the-art tools - tools that give their customers their best opportunities for realizing success in their trading strategies. ChoiceTrade offer several different trading platforms, each of which is geared toward a specific trading style. To read the article, click the following link: ChoiceTrade Review

TradeKing Online Brokerage Review - TradeKing was founded in 2005 by the former management of Suretrade, Inc. Their goal was to eliminate the obstacles that had long hampered self-directed investors. They wanted to create a straight forward pricing structure that didn't penalize smaller investors. They also wanted to provide the average retail trader with a level of attention and support that used to be reserved for large, active clients. To read the article, click the following link: TradeKing Review

How the Dow Has Really Performed When Measured in Real Money - Here is the reality of Dow Jones historical performance...If gold were our money, the major stock market indexes would have declined relentlessly from 2000 to the present, with a muted bounce in 2003. To read the article, click the following link: Dow Jones Historical Performance

tradeMONSTER Online Brokerage Review - This is our review of tradeMONSTER, which is the new online brokerage firm founded by the Najarian brothers of optionMONSTER and CNBC fame. To read the article, click the following link: tradeMONSTER Review

The Stock Market Is Patterned -- Here's Proof - Understanding how the market progresses at all degrees of trend gives you an invaluable perspective. No longer do you have to sift through the latest economic data as if they were tea leaves. You gain a condensed view of the whole panorama of essential trends in human social mood and activity, as far back as the data can take you. To read the article, click the following link: Stock Market Patterns

The Bear Market and Depression: How Close to the Bottom? - While many people spend time yearning for the financial markets to turn back up, a rare few have looked back in time to compare historical markets with the current situation -- and then delivered a clear-eyed view of the future informed by knowledge of the past. To read the article, click the following link: Stock Market Depression

Herding and Markets' "Irony and Paradox" - To succeed in the market, you must learn initially to embrace irony and paradox, at least as humans are unconsciously wired to interpret things. Once you get used to the world of socionomic causality, the irony and paradox melt away, and everything makes perfect sense. To read the article, click the following link: Beat the Market

What Does NOT Move Markets? Examining 8 Claims of Market Efficiency - Understanding the stock market and how it works will greatly increase your odds of success as a trader. In this article, we'll examine eight popular claims of market efficiency. To read the article, click the following link: Understanding the Market

11 Commonplace Market Views: True or Myth? - This article takes the 11 most dangerous investment myths head on and exposes the truth about each in a way every investor can understand. You will uncover important myths about diversifying your portfolio, the safety of your bank deposits, earnings reports, investment bubbles, inflation and deflation, small stocks, speculation, and more! To read the article, click the following link: How Does the Stock Market Work?

Trading Money Management - Money management is one of, if not the most critical components of any successful trading plan. Yet, it's something that many traders overlook. If you fail to properly manage your risk, your odds of making money over the long term are greatly diminished. To read the article, click the following link: Trading Money Management

The Five Fatal Flaws of Trading - Close to ninety percent of all traders lose money. The remaining ten percent somehow manage to either break even or even turn a profit – and more importantly, do it consistently. How do they do that? That's an age-old question. While there is no magic formula, one of Elliott Wave International's senior instructors Jeffrey Kennedy has identified five fundamental flaws that, in his opinion, stop most traders from being consistently successful. To read the article, click the following link: Five Trading Flaws

To read articles on other subjects important to investing, trading, and the markets, click the following link: Online Trading Information