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Options Trading For Beginners

How to Go From a Beginner to an Advanced Options Trader

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If you've never traded options before, or have limited experience, we can help take you from an options trading beginner to an expert in a short period of time. The best thing is, you won't have to learn through the school of hard knocks (i.e the school of trading losses). Learning to trade options can be a bit intimidating, and it may seem like there is a mountain of information and terminology you need to know before you can be successful. However, the reality is you just need somebody to boil it down into easy to understand concepts that will allow you to make money, and minimize your losses. Rather than bury you in technical jargon, you need somebody to put it all in an easy to follow fashion, using layman's terms.

Dr. Terry Allen's Option Trading Strategies

Dr. Terry Allen is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and earned his doctorate in business from the University of Virginia. He started trading options on the floor of the CBOE in 1979, and has successfully traded them for over 30 years. During these years, Terry has averaged more than 100 option trades a month. He has tried every option spread strategy imaginable, and has fallen flat on his face dozens of times (so you don’t have to). He has taught investing and trading classes at Babson College, Northeastern University, the University of Vermont, and the University of Richmond. Now Dr. Allen is teaching the general public the proper way to trade options.

Terry's Track Record

By employing his strategies, Terry has earned at least 50%, and several times has gained well over 100%, each and every year. He managed an account for a customer and grew it from $250,000 to $1.5 million in two years (that customer then sold it and started a venture capital company bringing on Dr. Allen as a partner). But no one and no system is perfect. In 2004, excessive market volatility and 9-year-low option prices caused big losses, and resulted in important changes to the strategy. Over the next few years, gains of over 50% a year became the norm and vindicated the revamped strategy. Learning from Dr. Allen's mistakes will save you an incredible amount of time, and money.

The Course

This is not some academic study with no real-world experience. This is an ever-evolving and improving trading strategy that has been fine tuned through decades of trading real money and placing tens of thousands of options trades. The tutorial also includes:

  • A 14 day tutorial on trading stock options including access to an Insiders page where weekly report, trade alerts and special reports are posted (a $24.95 per month value).
  • Terry’s “Trade Alerts” emailed to you so you can make the trades in your own account.
  • Access to weekly analytic reports and daily portfolio updates posted in the Insiders section of Terry’s Tips.
  • A discounted price of $19.95 per month for the Options Tutorial if you choose to continue after your 2 FREE months expire.

To order a copy of Dr. Terry Allen's options trading strategies and learn how to create a portfolio that will easily out-perform mutual funds and stocks, click here.