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Options Trading Tutorial

The Easiest Way to Go From a Novice Options Trader to an Expert

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More and more individual traders are turning to options as the way to create profits in the stock market. A combination of under-performance from more traditional investments, as well as looking for an opportunity to trade on the same level as the pros, has made options trading quite attractive to those who were always told they're too risky for average investors. Options can be very risky if you don't understand how they work and how to use them appropriately...but so can driving a car. Once you've learned how a car works and how to use it appropriately, it'll get you where you're going much quicker, and with a limited amount of risk.

Where's the Risk?

The risk is in lack of knowledge. With a firm understanding of how options trade, how they are priced, and how they react in different market conditions, you will lower your options trading risk considerably. When you combine this basic foundation with a playbook of option trading strategies, and the knowledge of when and how to implement them, you can trade in a fashion that has much less risk than buying and holding a stock or mutual fund. However, the people who are selling you stocks and mutual funds don't want you to believe it!

Where's the Knowledge?

Dr. Terry Allen, a Harvard Business School graduate, former college professor, and CBOE floor trader, created an options trading tutorial called, "Options Strategies for Stock Market Success".

What is "Options Strategies for Stock Market Success"?

This isn't just some rehashed set of options strategies that you can get online from a book on Amazon. Options Strategies for Stock Market Success is a tutorial based upon strategies that Dr. Allen has been honing for decades and has used to bank highly leverage profits (while protecting against risk) with options. With the right training, and this tutorial, you can do the same. This is an options trading tutorial designed to get you trading options successfully, in the shortest amount of time possible.

How do I Get the Knowledge?

We have previewed Options Trading for Stock Market Success and can tell you that even if you know absolutely nothing about options trading, this tutorial will take you from a complete options trading novice to an expert in an amazingly short period of time. This isn't a tutorial that you can complete in one day. It's also not a course that will give you the learning materials and then leave you on your own. This course includes months of trading support and advice from Dr. Allen, himself.

Have Other Traders had Success with this Tutorial?

In a word, YES! Here are what others have to say about Dr. Allen's teachings...

"I doubled my IRA account value in 4 1/2 months with your strategy. For the past three years, this account had been entirely in mutual funds, and had actually lost money. You can't ever know how grateful I am." - Foster A.

“I am not a writer of flattering letters to advisors, so it is of some consequence in my investing history that I tell you how happy I am with your 10k Strategy. I hope to make it grow into the most significant part of my investments and eventually rule the world. I will be benevolent towards you, Terry, in appreciation for your brilliance and willingness to let former small fries like myself get in on the action.” - Ralph W.

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options trading tutorial