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Stock Trading Charlotte, NC

Take a Free Half Day Stock Trading Class in Charlotte, NC


**Special Classes This Month in Several Surrounding Cities

If you've ever wanted to learn how to trade stocks like the pros, we have a great opportunity for you. If you live within driving distance of Charlotte, NC we can offer you a free half day trading class that will give you the foundation you need to start trading as a business.

Most traders trade like it's a hobby. They read about stocks from time to time and act on the advice of others with no real plan of their own. This type of trading relies too much on luck rather than knowledge, and rarely leads to long-term success. If you want to make real money in the market, you need to approach trading like it's a business. You need to have a strict trading plan. You need to know how to recognize buy and sell triggers. You need to manage your risk so that when a trade goes against you, it doesn't devastate your portfolio.

This professional trading class is taught in OTA's state-of-the-art trading facilities in Cornelius, NC where you will learn from professional traders with years of documented trading success. Online Trading Academy is so confident in what they teach that they allow students to make live trades with their money.

Who Is Online Trading Academy?

Online Trading Academy has been the world leader in professional education for traders since online trading became a reality for retail investors. The courses they offer are geared toward individuals who want to learn how to use the same tools and trading techniques as professional traders. Today, OTA has nearly 20,000 graduates...many of whom make their living as professional traders.

What Past Students Have to Say

"Staff were very helpful and supportive. They really made an effort to help you with your needs and what you want to do. Online Trading Academy's curriculum teaches from a unique frame of thought. Having access to a former floor trader and being able to pick his brain for 7 days is very valuable."
-- Brad W., January 2011

"Online Trading Academy is not driven by sales people, but by real traders who love to teach. This is the difference between them and other educational companies."
-- Lauren B., January 2011

"Love the staff and facilities at Charlotte Online Trading Academy. Very supportive and helpful. I'm not just a fan of Online Trading Academy, I'm a RAVING fan. A tremendous organization. And I appreciate that, while Online Trading Academy has a fundamental Supply/Demand foundation shared by all instructors, each instructor has a unique approach and "value-added" strategy to consider implementing."
-- Robert P., September 2010

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Here's What You'll Learn

  • How to filter out the “conventional wisdom” and learn from the only true source of market insight... the market itself.
  • How to identify which market data is important, and which is just "noise".
  • How to level the playing field between yourself and institutional traders.
  • How to react with speed and precision when the market tells you it’s ready to move.
  • How to use direct access trading to save on transaction costs and see the market in the same way as professional traders.

Why You Should Take Advantage of This Opportunity

Regardless of whether your goal is to trade full time for a living, just make a some extra money trading part-time, or simply to improve the returns of your existing portfolio, this free class will give you the foundation you need to accomplish your goals. Their classes are offered on several different days to help accommodate your busy schedule. To take advantage of this great opportunity, fill out the enrollment form below:

Bonus Gift for Attending

learn to trade in Charlotte, NC

All attendees will receive our "Trading Risk Management" two CD set, which is a $99.90 value. This CD set covers one of the most critical aspects to professional stock trading. Understanding risk management is what separates those who make a living trading, and those who fail...and it's yours free for attending this half-day stock trading class

Sign up below to learn the techniques of professional traders in a complimentary half-day workshop unlike anything you've ever experienced. **If you are closer to Raleigh/Durham, check the list of classes for times and dates that are offered in the Raleigh/Durham area.

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