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On a regular basis, traders ask us if there are any artificial intelligence or neural type trading programs available to individual investors that will do all of the analysis and stock research for you automatically. The answer is not really. There are neural programs that can gather, sort, and analyze tons of data for you, but these shouldn't be viewed as "set it and forget it" type programs. Artificial intelligence and neural stock market software can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend researching potential trades, but you still need to do your own fundamental analysis in order to be successful. Blindly following a software program's trading recommendations is unlikely to work over an extended period of time.

While stock market software isn’t an automatic way to make money in the stock market, it can be very beneficial to you. First of all, it can save you a tremendous amount of time. Most of the programs will analyze an amount of data in a few seconds that would take you months to do on your own. The other plus to using this type of software is that it takes your human emotions out of the analysis. It will compile and analyze a great number of technical indicators in a completely objective manner.

There are dozens of stock market software programs available on the market. Some are free and some are quite expensive. In general, you get what you pay for. The free programs don't do nearly as much, or work nearly as well as the expensive versions. We did find one program that works extremely well, and has a moderate price level called, "Stock Assault 2.0". It's affordable to any trader, and we feel it represents the best value available in stock market software.

Below is an interview with Jason Kelly, who is one of the Stock Assault 2.0 software developers. The interview is a couple of years old and was done prior to this software becoming available to the public, but it does give you some insights to what it can do for you.

Stock Assault 2.0 A.I. Stock Market Software

This state of the art software took 5 years and $3,000,000 to develop. The program will process every stock's pricing and historical charts using advanced artificial intelligence that an elite team of 25 day traders developed. Once it has chosen a stock for you to buy, it will continue to monitor the pick to find you the best exit point. The software is looking for short-term trades that often have you exiting the same day or just a few days later with small profits or losses. Like any analysis tool, it's not right all the time, but it's right much more often than it's wrong.

The program comes with a 60 day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you don't profit from the program, you can get your money back. The program sells for only $167, but we can offer it with $110 discount, making the cost to you only $57. To find out more information on the software program, and to get your $110 savings, click on the following link: Stock Assault 2.0

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