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Best Tools for the Online Trader


We have assembled a group of tools that most traders will find useful. Many of the tools will help you to become a better trader, some will save you time, and some will do both. Some of the tools are free, some require purchase, and others offer free trials. All of the online trading tools listed below have been tested, and earned our stamp of approval.

We've grouped them categorically to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Check back often as the list will be updated on a regular basis, as we find new tools that provide a good value for the trader. Since many of these tools are either free, offer free trials, or give money back guarantees, most of them come at no risk to the user. So, give them a try, you might find something that improves your results dramatically.

Trade Analysis Software


TradeStationTradeStation is actually an online brokerage firm, but their trading software is so powerful, we felt it should be listed here. We view the low cost brokerage aspect of their business to just be the icing on the cake. The true value lies in their trade analysis software.

TradeStation's powerful market scanning and chart pattern recognition tools, RadarScreen®, Hot Lists, Scanner and OptionStation Search, help you find new trading opportunities. These proprietary research tools allow you to continuously monitor a universe of symbols and uncover trading opportunities that you otherwise would have missed. To learn more about TradeStation, or start, click on the following link: TradeStation


VectorVestVectorVest’s stock analysis and graphics software analyzes over 23,000 stocks worldwide every day for Value, Safety and Timing. It unifies these factors into a comprehensive indicator called VST-Vector.

VectorVest gives a buy, sell, or hold recommendation on every stock, every day. Finding trade opportunities in the market just doesn't get any easier than this! To learn more about VectorVest, or start a trial period for only $9.95, call

Investment Newsletters

Forbes Special Situation Survey

Subscribe to Forbes Special Situation Survey

Started by Malcolm Forbes in 1954, the Forbes Special Situation Survey is one of the oldest continuously published investment newsletters on the market. When you subscribe, you'll receive a 10-page research report recommending just one undervalued stock that their analysts believe will make exceptional gains over the next 18 to 24 months. More importantly, they also let their subscribers know when it's time to sell. The newsletter keeps a concentrated portfolio of only 10-20 stocks on the recommendation list at any given time.

According to the independent investment newsletter rating service Hulbert Financial Digest, the Special Situation Survey is ranked #1 (out of 112 tracked) over the ten year period ending December 31, 2012 with an average annual portfolio return of 17.7%. The comparable return on the S&P 500 Index during the same period was just 5.0%. To learn more about, or subscribe to the Forbes Special Situation Survey, just click on the following link: Special Situation Survey.

Trading News and Information

Wall Street Daily

Wall Street DailyWhen watching financial news programs on TV, or reading it online, have you ever wished you had a truth meter? Financial news is no different from mainstream news in that what you hear if fraught with opinions, bias, personal agendas, and even outright lies.

Wall Street Daily is an organization comprised exclusively of former traders, current insiders and some of the brightest young minds in investing today... all committed to the mission of bringing you the truth behind the market's headlines. Having the real story will give you a huge advantage over the average investing public. To start your free subscription to Wall Street Daily, click on the following link: Wall Street Daily.