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Free Half-Day Workshop Unlike Anything You’ve ever Experienced

Online Trading AcademyImagine, for a moment, what investing would be like if you knew you could not fail. Never again would you sell a winning position too soon, or hold onto a loser far too long. You’d make decisions based on what you know you should do, rather than what your emotions tell you to do.

That may seem like and impossible dream, but here’s the next best thing: Online Trading Academy’s Power Trading Workshop. In just 4 hours, you’ll learn how you can put fear and emotion aside and trade like a professional…with far greater profit potential. A $199 value, this intensive how to trade course is FREE for a limited time.

You see, when you earn your daily living as a trader, like we do, you can’t afford to get sidetracked by your emotions. Our “secret” is a willingness to meet the market on its own terms, and make decisions based on practical trading experience instead of hopes and fears.

The good news is, these professional trading skills can be learned, as long as you’re willing to put aside your own pre-conceived notions, as well as everything you’ve been told by your broker or the media. In fact, by the time the how to trade workshop concludes, you’ll know dozens of new techniques to gain market insight…for active trading, or for a better understanding of your current portfolio. Including:

  • How to study the rhythm of the market and spot trends that even the savviest investor miss…then pounce at exactly the right moment for maximum gains.
  • How to make volatility your friend…and capture your biggest gains in unstable markets where others panic and run for the sidelines.How to get vastly more market visibility with Level II trading (including a live demonstration in real time) and see market moves as they happen.
  • Answers to your questions from the experts…including specific perspective on positions you now hold.
  • How professional traders make profits when others fail.
  • And much more…and did I mention, the entire how to trade workshop is FREE?

Learn From the Professionals, So You Can Trade Like a Professional

Online Trading Academy evolved from the largest trading room on the West Coast, into a global educational institution with locations from Atlanta to Abu Dhabi. Fifteen years later, they’ve graduated more than 20,000 seasoned traders who know the only way to learn successful trading is to do it with their own workstation, under the guidance of a skilled instructor who is also a professional trader.

What’s more, they allow students to make live trades with their money. That’s right. They they pay the commissions and absorb any losses so their students really can live the dream of putting aside their emotions and building their skills and their confidence without fear of failure getting in the way.

Obviously, they couldn’t make this offer if they weren’t confident about what they teach. Online Trading Academy may offer a radically different approach to investor education…but believe me, and take it from their graduates…it works!

You’ll find out more about their advanced classes during your Power Trading Workshop. Most likely, you’ll get to meet some of their continuing students, as well. Unlike their competitor’s courses taught in hotel ballrooms, Online Trading Academy offers a collegial environment where graduates may return to repeat their training whenever they want a refresher course…at absolutely no cost…for life.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

We are currently offering our readers a chance to learn how to trade with this free workshop, in the following cities. To see the available dates for each city, and enroll today, just click on one of the city links below:

Kansas City